20 March 2012


just finished stenciling ten aprons and four tablecloths 2 hours before the opening night of 'tin'- phew!
'tin' is a new collaboration between the wonderful miracle theatre and the english touring opera:

"West Cornwall 1890. The shareholders are throwing good money after bad down their once glorious tin min. Just when they manage to hoodwink an outsider into investing in the failing enterprise, a troupe of windswept actors arrives in town to perform Beethoven's Fidelio.
As these two very different worlds collide, love stories unfold and melodrama spills over into everyday life as the villagers and actors seize an opportunity to transform their lives..."

i'm also in the choir and village scenes which means i get to wear my stunning but very fragile dress from the late 1870s/early 80s. it would be quite trendy but for 100 years! it's absolutely beautiful and i've had it since i was about 20. unfortunately the silk has become so brittle that you can tear it as you would a piece of card. i really hope it doesn't disintegrate on stage as that would be embarrassing!

detail of inside of bodice

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