28 April 2012

porthleven- the day

well, after a very early, wet and haily start things brightened up and the sunny patches began to out number the showers- phew. we anchored our gazebo to the harbour railings and soon became part of a small shanty type terrace and met our new neighbours. i shared my home for the day with the lovely 'humble cottage', friends from penryn and across the harbour 'the hot pot cafe' was serving up amazing pancakes- the rhubarb, ginger and creme fraiche was delicious!
we had constant entertainment from an entourage of different musicians and while we were chatting to friends in the green field a lady approached with a basket of pasta and rocket salads to raise funds for the local school. i was just saying that all we needed now was for someone to bring us cake and sure enough another lady appeared with a tray of beautiful cupcakes (this time for the gig team). it was becoming apparent that the best idea was to stay put while various people brought us their tasty offerings but alas, i had to return to my stall. 
unfortunately it wasn't a good day for trading but lots of fun and rounded off with cider in 'the ship'.

my stall

17 April 2012

porthleven food festival

i've got a stall at the porthleven food and music festival this saturday. if you can make it do call by. i'm hoping the weather will have calmed down a bit by then! it's pretty extreme at the moment and it's been so frustrating trying to photograph work in progress outside. just as i got everything set up a massive gust of wind blew it away. once retrieved and pegged down suddenly there was dazzling bright sunshine and then more wind and torrential rain and then a continuous cycle of these extremes all day. so i gave up and went into town to buy thread and as i was walking down the hill a very fierce looking bird of prey stood astride a pigeon right in the middle of the pavement. it was quite amusing as it was desperately trying to fly off with its kill but couldn't make it more than a few inches off the ground (as the pigeon was too heavy!). i wish i knew what it was. it was about the same size as the pigeon. a man kept trying to grab the pigeon as he was worried it might get run over (not the pigeon!) but there was no way it would let go. i was impressed with its courage as there were lots of people watching and this man lunging right at it. after many attempts it got cornered behind a bin and finally flew up into a tree reluctantly leaving its pigeon (which the man threw into a neighbouring garden). i rushed off to buy thread expecting on my way home to see a mass of blood and feathers but the bird hadn't returned.

details of embroidery

16 April 2012


i'm getting ready for the porthleven food festival next weekend so am busy making lots of things for my stall. infact my kitchen has turned into a craft studio but amongst the creative chaos some birds are beginning to emerge.....

wings drying in the sun

01 April 2012


this cornish tin (cassiterite) is from a mine at st just. i'd like to use this in my work in some way.

the miracle van at heartlands