17 April 2012

porthleven food festival

i've got a stall at the porthleven food and music festival this saturday. if you can make it do call by. i'm hoping the weather will have calmed down a bit by then! it's pretty extreme at the moment and it's been so frustrating trying to photograph work in progress outside. just as i got everything set up a massive gust of wind blew it away. once retrieved and pegged down suddenly there was dazzling bright sunshine and then more wind and torrential rain and then a continuous cycle of these extremes all day. so i gave up and went into town to buy thread and as i was walking down the hill a very fierce looking bird of prey stood astride a pigeon right in the middle of the pavement. it was quite amusing as it was desperately trying to fly off with its kill but couldn't make it more than a few inches off the ground (as the pigeon was too heavy!). i wish i knew what it was. it was about the same size as the pigeon. a man kept trying to grab the pigeon as he was worried it might get run over (not the pigeon!) but there was no way it would let go. i was impressed with its courage as there were lots of people watching and this man lunging right at it. after many attempts it got cornered behind a bin and finally flew up into a tree reluctantly leaving its pigeon (which the man threw into a neighbouring garden). i rushed off to buy thread expecting on my way home to see a mass of blood and feathers but the bird hadn't returned.

details of embroidery

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