26 July 2012

100 birds- progress!

i've been so busy painting that i haven't had time to update this blog (or other important things like go to the beach or port eliot festival...)

there's just too much i'd like to write but i'm just going to have to post a few pictures, keep on avoiding the temptations of the sea and carry on painting. and in true 'carry on' style i've been so hot in my studio i've resorted to painting in my underwear with my hair pinned up with a porcupine quill! thankfully it's very private and if i hadn't mentioned it here, nobody would know!

playing with ideas for the window display......

.......it included an exciting use of sea urchins (though now it looks like they're all sold out- disappointing...)

hooray for new paint brushes- i wear them out pretty quickly!

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