13 July 2012

100 birds

'100 birds' is the title of the exhibition i'm working on at the moment. it's made up of one hundred small paintings of seabirds using natural pigments, most of which i've collected from the local coast. there's a huge amount of work to do in not a lot of time! it opens at the poly in falmouth on august 21st. the week i started working i had two encounters with birds. on the spiral staircase leading to my studio i found a dead baby blue tit - it didn't feel like a good omen. later in the week i came across a friend trying to free a coal tit. it was hanging upside down from a very bloody leg caught in the chain of a bird feeder. after an unsuccessful attempt to cut the chain or prise it apart i had a go at releasing the tension and miraculously the bird flew free. this felt a little more positive. and now i'm hoping for an experience with a fully healthy happy bird!

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