08 September 2012

a personal pasty!

well, the good news is that i finally seem to be able to upload photos again. we've not done anything to the internet, it has just started to mysteriously work again of its own accord - probably because i am not so desperate for it now (a bit like a cat- i find when i really want one to come and sit on my knee they won't stay yet when i'm trying to work they become all purry and affectionate and try to rub themselves on the pencil i'm trying to draw with!).

it's a bit daunting trying to decide where to begin with writing about the exhibition- there's so much to say. so i thought i'd start with something totally irrelevant and procrastinate a little longer!

on friday i was helping some friends with some painting and decorating. about mid morning they asked me if i'd like to put my pasty order in. so i went a long with it and said i'd go for a vegetarian one. at lunch time cousin glyn turned up with a baking tray fresh from the oven with an array of steaming pasties. i've met glyn before- a mechanic in his sixties, also a gardener.... and as i'd just discovered, a very accomplished pasty maker too! and what's more, all the pasties had our initials on them!

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