20 February 2013

down the launderette

exciting news! i have a launderette! slowly it will become my studio with space to run workshops, have exhibitions and it may even have a piano too. so far i've found a pair of black lacy knickers, an odd sock, a hidden alcove and a lot of fluff. my friend is determined to unearth a cellar and has excavated a tiny area under the floor!

there's a lot of work to do as i'm stripping it back to its shell but it's lots of fun. sadly i can't find my two crowbars and my most favourite of wrecking tools, a cat's paw. it's a bit like a small crowbar with a sharp hooked claw that pulls out deeply sunk nails. oh how can i have mis-placed these essential things!

no need for a landline........

.............plenty of washer-driers


the path to the toilet and little pink sink


  1. How very exciting! The studio....not just the crow bars! Good luck and well done x

  2. WONDERFUL Jo! Really really exciting. Happy demolishing...and then creating :-)

  3. Go girl! It's going to be fantastic Jo - well done! Lauren xx

  4. thanks for your enthusiasm everyone! xx