01 February 2014

of flamingos

yesterday a surprise package turned up from walvis bay in namibia. it was covered in so many stamps.  a slightly squashed little tea box contained individually wrapped treasures from the beach. it was a bit like opening a christmas stocking - lots of intriguing shapes - all very exciting. 

i laid out a selection of objects foreign to my eyes - seed pods, shells and a beautiful coral pink flamingo feather.

only last week i chatting to two artist friends who are preparing for their exhibition. they both have a thing about flamingos. i said i'd never really thought about flamingos before. they told me that from now on i'd see them everywhere. i didn't think any more about it. but maybe this is just the start.....

my friend is a marine biologist researching and working to protect whales, dolphins and other marine life in namibia and beyond. to find out more about her projects you can visit her blog 'west african cetaceans' here.

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