15 April 2019

from launderette to art studio 2013 - 2019

In 2013 I bought a bankrupt launderette and over the years I renovated it and turned it into an art studio.

In 2013.....

empty launderette complete with washer-driers!

the new shop

the washer-driers went to glastonbury and began a new life on the festival circuit

pulling down the false ceiling revealed a lot of artex

removing layers of plaster and fibreboard to allow the walls to breathe

dismantling the under stairs cupboard revealed a hidden gem....

......  a completely blocked up fire place!

it was dark and very sooty....

I removed a huge pile of granite and 55 bags of sooty soil - but so exciting!

I had my first open studio in a tidied building site with candle light.  Mostly all I had to show was the studio!

sadly the smoke bomb filled the room showing the chimney was blocked off

I found a curious collection of items from the past

my friend minko had a candle lit gig with 40 candles - it was hot. 

she performed in her shed

christmas window display

In 2014.....

the wall was damp and had to be cut away and a damp-proof membrane was added

re-inforced,  insulated and boarded above the alleyway for use as storage

concreted the indoor garden

a strong man lifted the incredibly heavy beachcombed driftwood beam into place

I moved my studio things in, though it was still a building site!

a new wall was built on top of the old

I had a sale

and got rid of lots of stuff!

I took part in open studios 2014

made friends with the hares

and began the long task of re-pointing the wall with lime

I only had one temporary socket so worked by spot light

christmas window lit from behind

I finally finished the re-pointing after months!

In 2015.....

insulating and boarding the stairs

very heavy fermacell wall boards

filling in the gaps with wool wood board and lime render

I really enjoyed this

sorting out the ceiling was a nightmare

dust found its way into every nook and cranny

at last.....day light

the mystery of the missing chimney was solved

amazing view from neighbour's roof

Open Studios 2015

more civilised but not much time to make work... french shutters in place

 I managed to sell most of my paintings

a stone excavated from the fire place thought to be from Glasney
 and an ink well found in the indoor garden

the chimney was built in haste before the neighbour's scaffolding came down

Bruce hard at work on the chimney

Chimney complete and fully lined

tackling the paint work on the shop front

In 2016......

My friend set up a pop up shop for the kemeneth festival


In 2017....

fire-retardant plasterboard  with help from uncle, cousin and friends - heavy!

beginning the scraping and sanding... and wrist injury. the bluest of skies!

first artist in residence preparing for gcse art

walls and ceiling plastered

beams limed..... cupboards awaiting bottoms

loving the french shutters and reclaimed oak windows 

In 2019......

Josie moved in and painted the shop front

she set up a hairdressing, textiles and vintage clothes shop

the wood burner was fitted

not just one but two fireplaces....

looking down to the toilet

driftwood beam above toilet door

view from door to left- hand side

view from door to right-hand side

view from centre

view from door  - central

 view from door to left-hand side

looking out to street

right-hand side

view from kitchen

shop window