29 May 2012

foraging for tea

plucking wild garlic seeds as the sea roars beyond the wooded enclave
balancing on shoulders to reach the newly blossoming elder flowers
paddling over scarily large waves in search of mackerel
tumbling into the breaking spray, emerging seaweed-covered and soaked
a cat amongst the rocks
a honey-trickled jumper
a friend camouflaged in a pine tree
and an entertaining, capsizing kayaking spectacle!

lemon balm, wild garlic leaves (for pesto) and seeds (for pickling) and marsh samphire shoots
elder flowers
cordial in progress

check out the humble cottage blog for more pictures of our adventure! (top 2 photos by keri valentine- thanks)

1 comment:

  1. It's good to provide some light entertainment at these events- and now my barnacle injuries are fading it's even funnier.