30 May 2012

from auntie fanny....

a couple of days ago i was having a big tidy up in my studio (yes, another one!). this was partly because i have a new arrival (more about that later but think back to this earlier post), partly because the door at the end is rotten and is going to be replaced with a window (more light, yay!) and partly because it was a big mess.

i've had many studios over the years and it's only just occurred to me now that they've all (except one) been in old mills. after leaving home and cornwall (where my work was done either in my bedroom or studio space at college) my first studio was in carr mills in leeds. my second was in hebble end in hebden bridge, my third in 'the mill' in hebden bridge, my fourth upstairs in 'the radford mill farm shop' in montpelier (ok so not a mill but kind of associated) and my present studio is in 'the old grist mill' in penryn.

over the years things have come and gone. interesting objects have been accumulated, grouped, re-arranged and displayed. lists, pictures, drawings, cuttings and postcards have been pinned to the wall. sometimes i decide it's time for a change and take everything down. and sometimes i decide to put things back up. 

i took this postcard down on sunday and as i did so i realised it's been on the wall in all of my studios since leeds. i'm not quite sure why but every time i've recreated my studio in a new mill it's back on the wall. it's probably because it's familiar and funny and with other objects helps to make a new studio feel like home. i remember my glee in spotting it whilst rifling through boxes of old postcards in an antique shop. and whenever i look at it i can't help but giggle.

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