15 December 2012

collecting words at gylly

lately i've been doing a lot of sewing and as much as i love my trusty singer we'd been spending too much time together and were beginning to get on each other's nerves. i had to escape, if only briefly. i headed down to gylly for a much needed break and a very blustery walk in the wind.

a little fragment of burnt paper blew into my legs and then away again. i chased it and managed to pin it down. it turned out to be a piece of a dictionary. and as i walked along the beach i found more.... and more..... a little bit like a treasure hunt. i became absorbed in collecting these 'e' and 'f' words and wondered where the snippets of text might lead me. i still don't know but curiously on every piece (except one) was some mention of ships or the sea.

the words that i found on the beach:

haddock n. smoke cured
like or having fins
narrow arm between cliffs
firkin n. small cask
or ship
small island in river
for protection out of ship(s)
-boat, seaplane with
of two kinds of fish
for warning ships in fog
forestay n. stay from foremast
to ship's stem
of barnacle
and aft sails
cabin, ship
whale's tail
in flow of tide
flood water
flotilla n. small fleet 
flotsam n. floating
flipper n, limb used to
covered by tides or shallow
turbot, plaice etc
or boats under sail
admiral or vice-admiral
business of fishing
of or like fish
of siamese fish
fish, kind
and fishing
take or go in boat
over river, lake etc
or across ocean or continent
fender n. a thing used to keep
hung over vessel's side

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