28 February 2015

ghost ships

after a thin sliver of a new moon
cradled bright within a perfect faint circle of light
bold stars of the sky dancing in formal constellations
grey rain-veiled day -  the blurred vision of peering through muslin
a wide expanse of watery sand laid bare by the low spring tide
not a soul
the tiniest heart urchin salt and sand-filled bobbing in a shallow pool
the same tiny urchin buried safe inside a hard crusted bread roll
no lunch - hungry
shy stars of the sea revealed in the gloom
star ascidian and small plump cushion stars
starfish orange and starfish purple scattered
large spiny starfish hidden in the tightest crevice
awkwardly crannied crabs wave a claw in warning
cowies and bowed down kelp
wet legs - wet camera
ghost ships
up on rosemullion two rain washed people
ghost friend

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