24 March 2015

spring equinox - hidden sun

freya catches the eclipse - photo christopher laughton - check out freya laughton' s blog 

picnic breakfasts with flasks of coffee
gaggles of children marching along the seafront with colanders on their heads
air thick with collective expectation and anticipation
excited chatter and smiles
clock watching and sky gazing
the light gradually dimming
silvery grey over the horizon
waiting and waiting, shivering in a swimsuit
take the plunge and swim out, out to sea
eery atmosphere as if a storm is brewing
subtle shifts, subtle colours, calm and quiet
all is quiet at sea
nothing but the day
a girl in a dress paddles up to her knees
the fabric bunched up around her waist
she wants more
she throws her dress to a man on the shore
and swims out in bra and knickers

an eclipse to begin the day and later
gin and elderflower with rosemary
seedlings bursting forth from bottles hanging in a window
down a dark alleyway a hidden house
red wine and large chunks of milk chocolate
a line of skulls along the mantlepiece
black and white photographs of things i love
9 heart urchins from ireland

the sharpening of chisels
the quiet concentration of 10 people cutting dovetails
spalted sycamore with knots and whorls
later, people of penryn unite with music and laughter
reclaim the roads and dance in the streets
fresh lemonade and an array of cakes
children shower a folk singer with cut grass
a reservoir beckons in the low sun
a bride marries an ancient oak
daylight fades
evening coffee in cafe with black ink drawings
ideas and new plans

run and sea swim
low equinox tide
kayakers riding the gentle surf
the beach stretches longer than i've known
unusual creatures are revealed
a baby sea hare mottled with deep red
a wentletrap slides sideways
starfish in unbelievably tiny cracks
layers of iridescent seaweed half dry
stretched taught between rocks catch the warm spring sun

close up of a spiny starfish (marthasterias glacialis)
spiny starfish hiding
 bold arctic cowrie (trivia arctica) that kept me amused by
swinging it's trunk-like siphon at me
on a journey past a hermit crab
baby sea hare (aplysia punctuate)
common grey sea slug (aeolidia papillosa)
common brittle star (ophiothrix fragilis)
tiny stars on a 7 armed starfish - in this case a 6
and a half armed starfish (luidia ciliaris)

iridescent seaweed drying in the sun

shining silver and ultramarine violet
ahhh - she always catches me.....

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